Safety Management System

It is our mission to comply with legislative and industry requirements and to provide safe, reliable and high quality transport to the satisfaction of our charterers and oil major clients or the chemical industry.

The company has therefore defined a company policy and objectives to manage its operations.
Our Safety Management System contains all arrangements the company put in place, enabling company personnel to effectively implement the company policy and to realise objectives. The SMS represents an integrated management system and endeavours compliance with ISM, ISPS, SOLAS, ISO and all other applicable laws and industry standards.

The SMS includes:
1. The SMM (Safety Management Manual) holding company procedures and instructions
2. LS intra: An internet-based communication and information storage system
3. Office Files': A synchronisation file with all up-to date company forms and checklists o/b the vessels
4. PMS (Planned Maintenance System): A managed system holding all periodical maintenance jobs that are carried out on board to ensure reliable ships and installations
5. Lauranne e-learning: An internet-based training system for all employees
6. Providing communication arrangements, such as internet access, on all vessels

Environmental Policy

Safety & Health policy

Quality & Safety