Currently we do not have any vacancies.


Main tasks:

  1. Maintenance follow up aboard and administration in the PMS.

  2. Research cost effective technical service for the vessels.

  3. Identify, manage and monitor risks and repairs.

  4. Budget preparation (technical).

  5. Work in close relation with and advice on services requested, spare parts and equipment needed, to the fleet manager and the purchase department .

  6. Ensure compliance of the vessels with ISM, SMS etc.

  7. Perform technical pre-vettings and train the engineers.

  8. Visit / sail with the vessels on regular basis.


  1. Past experience as a superintendent.

  2. Higher Nautical (Marof) or Technical / Electromechanical / Business Engineering (Bachelor – Master) Education.

  3. Good knowledge of the English language.

Good project management skills.

Quality & Safety